Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Holidays are over for a bit!

Well I had a good holiday, I spent time in the back garden and on our deck. I managed to do a lot of stitching and had a few stitchers in one day we had lunch and just enjoyed the day. My Mom was here for a few days and I so enjoyed her company. She is a wonderful person and I miss seeing her, she only lives two hours a way but when you work full time it seems that life gets in the way and we so not get the time we want to spend time with those who are most dear to you.
My grandaughter Maddison graduated from grade 8. It was a beautiful ceremony. All the grads looked so grown up. Wow where did that time go? Life does get scary when these beautiful boys and girls go off to High School. This grandmother has been praying a lot more lately.

                                         Maddison Graduates!

                                     Dad, Maddison and Mom
                                      A very happy trio!
On the Sunday it was my youngest grandaughters dance recital, off we went to see her show. It was very good but very warm, no air conditioning. It was very very warm. I will try to post photos later of her. I am having problems with my camera, but stay tuned.
Now I am back at work, I have 14 days and then I am on holidays again. It is great when you have been at a company over 25 years, you get lots of holidays. I just love it.
Well I will sign off for now, Happy July 1st to all my fellow Canadians! Happy July 4th to all our American friends and to our Canadian Stitching Sister who is making her way to the Charles to enjoy the Boston Pops with her DH I hope you have a great time celebrating The July 4th holiday. I am still praying for a sunny beautiful day for you! I really envy your side trip to the stitching shop in NH! Shop till you drop girl!

~Happiest when stitching~

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Lynn said...

I love the pics of your granddaughter. She's a real cutie!
I've been working at the same place for 33 yrs now and get lots of vacation too but they only let us take 2 wks during prime time. If there's any leftover after that you can take an extra week. So I was lucky enough to squeeze in that third week this year. Yippee!