Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Holidays are over for a bit!

Well I had a good holiday, I spent time in the back garden and on our deck. I managed to do a lot of stitching and had a few stitchers in one day we had lunch and just enjoyed the day. My Mom was here for a few days and I so enjoyed her company. She is a wonderful person and I miss seeing her, she only lives two hours a way but when you work full time it seems that life gets in the way and we so not get the time we want to spend time with those who are most dear to you.
My grandaughter Maddison graduated from grade 8. It was a beautiful ceremony. All the grads looked so grown up. Wow where did that time go? Life does get scary when these beautiful boys and girls go off to High School. This grandmother has been praying a lot more lately.

                                         Maddison Graduates!

                                     Dad, Maddison and Mom
                                      A very happy trio!
On the Sunday it was my youngest grandaughters dance recital, off we went to see her show. It was very good but very warm, no air conditioning. It was very very warm. I will try to post photos later of her. I am having problems with my camera, but stay tuned.
Now I am back at work, I have 14 days and then I am on holidays again. It is great when you have been at a company over 25 years, you get lots of holidays. I just love it.
Well I will sign off for now, Happy July 1st to all my fellow Canadians! Happy July 4th to all our American friends and to our Canadian Stitching Sister who is making her way to the Charles to enjoy the Boston Pops with her DH I hope you have a great time celebrating The July 4th holiday. I am still praying for a sunny beautiful day for you! I really envy your side trip to the stitching shop in NH! Shop till you drop girl!

~Happiest when stitching~

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My grandaughter graduates!

My grandaughter Maddison and myself on our back deck this spring. Now she is graduating from grade 8, where does the time go? I will try to post more photos soon of her big day. I am so proud of her and all her accomplishments. I know she has a good and bright future a head of her.
Hope everyone has a good day.

~Happiest when stitching~

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Holidays begin!

I have been looking foward to being off work for a week and having time to sleep in and stitch. That is the only plans I have other than going to visit my good friend for a day. DH is helping her DH paint their son's new home. The crunch is on they move in July 1st. Not much time to paint every room and sand floors. No pressure at all.
I am stitching on my 4 season wreath and I have to start on a 68 Nova for a good friends 60th birthday in August.
Today we are taking DH Mom home after a short but very enjoyable visit. Then I will have an evening of stitching.
Happy week end everyone!

~Happiest when stitching~

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Quiet Sunday afternoon

The grandaughters have just left for home with their trusty companion Copper, the blue tick coon hound. I like to call him Cash. He cost me a lot of money when he was a puppy. He was very sick when he was a puppy and the vet bill was pretty steep. So he will be Cash for me forever.
So DH and I are enjoying a quiet afternoon. Maybe some stitching and a late dinner. Pork tenderloin is on the menu for tonight.
Quiet is the key word.

~Happiest when stitching~

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The grandaughters are staying for the week end!

Well tomorrow is Friday and that means Maddison 13 and Chlloe 11, my two oldest grandaughters are booking in at our house for the week end with their dog Copper. That means we will have two dogs and two young ladies to entertain. DH and Grandpa had better get his rest in while he can. My daughter Rachel and her husband Steve are off to a cottage for the week end. They are meeting up with friends and are celebrating their anniversary. Hope the weather is good nothing worse than a cottage and rainy weather. Rachel is hoping to go seadooing for the first time. Hold on girl you could get wet!
I had a day off today. I slept in a bit. Then I decided to organize my computer room. What a challenge that was. I must say it does look better. About 2:00 I met up with my friend Jayne at our local cross stitch shop. We stitched for a couple of hours and then it was home to watch DH eat his dinner. It was weigh in night for me so I passed on dinner until later. How sad is life when you can't even eat your dinner until 9:00 at night! So depressing!!!! Oh well I did lose, not much but I was down.
Tomorrow I am back to work and woe is me I have to work on Saturday too. I don't think there will be much stitching happening this weekend. I will just have to catch up next week.
Have a good week end everyone.

~Happiest when stitching~

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

362 days until our next Stitching Sister's Retreat!

The Stitching Sister's hard at work, yes we do like to have fun as well as stitch.
The Stitching Sisters
Patty and Virtude

Tracey and Bonnie

Roma (Monica) Kerry, and Jody

Janet, Doris, Trina, Linda, Pennie, and Trish.

Trish and Audrey

Brentwood on the Beach, a mass of windows
face the lake, we call it Heaven on the Huron.

The front side of Brentwood on the Beach with
it's beautiful gardens that face the street.

Our annual stitching retreat is over for another year, I know I am counting the days until our May week end next year. We had a great turn out this year. One of our sisters was unable to attend because a serious illness but we know she will continue to recouperate and she is already booked for next year. One of our sisters passed away this year and our thoughts and prayers were with her family.
One of our Stitching Sisters, Audrey lost her sister while we were at the retreat, she received the news from England on Saturday. Audrey please know that we are all so sorry and our prayers are with you. God bless you.
They say that laughter helps heal and if that is the case we should all be healed for the next century, because boy was there laughter at this retreat. We laughed until our stomach's hurt and the tears rolled down our cheeks.
Thank you to all the staff at The Brentwood who made our stay so wonderful. To the owners Joan and Peter thank you for having such a glorious B&B and such a caring staff. I think Peter enjoyed brushing up on his native tongue and for a few surprises we sent his way!
Thanks to all the Sitching Sisters for making this such a memorable stitching retreat.
Roma (my Mom) I hope you learn to love your hair! Doris I love your new name "Elizabeth"
Trina did Todd like the gift you brought home? What about Linda's husband?
Thank you Sharon (my darling cousin) for making all the sissor fobs, etc. And for the record it was red poppies not a Madador in my picture.
Thank you to Tammy for making the ort boxes.
Irma you were a great help, thanks for being my legs!

Marjorie you were there in spirit, all the stitcher's brought their goblets and the toast will be fondly be remembered by everyone!

~Happiest when stitching~