Tuesday, June 1, 2010

362 days until our next Stitching Sister's Retreat!

The Stitching Sister's hard at work, yes we do like to have fun as well as stitch.
The Stitching Sisters
Patty and Virtude

Tracey and Bonnie

Roma (Monica) Kerry, and Jody

Janet, Doris, Trina, Linda, Pennie, and Trish.

Trish and Audrey

Brentwood on the Beach, a mass of windows
face the lake, we call it Heaven on the Huron.

The front side of Brentwood on the Beach with
it's beautiful gardens that face the street.

Our annual stitching retreat is over for another year, I know I am counting the days until our May week end next year. We had a great turn out this year. One of our sisters was unable to attend because a serious illness but we know she will continue to recouperate and she is already booked for next year. One of our sisters passed away this year and our thoughts and prayers were with her family.
One of our Stitching Sisters, Audrey lost her sister while we were at the retreat, she received the news from England on Saturday. Audrey please know that we are all so sorry and our prayers are with you. God bless you.
They say that laughter helps heal and if that is the case we should all be healed for the next century, because boy was there laughter at this retreat. We laughed until our stomach's hurt and the tears rolled down our cheeks.
Thank you to all the staff at The Brentwood who made our stay so wonderful. To the owners Joan and Peter thank you for having such a glorious B&B and such a caring staff. I think Peter enjoyed brushing up on his native tongue and for a few surprises we sent his way!
Thanks to all the Sitching Sisters for making this such a memorable stitching retreat.
Roma (my Mom) I hope you learn to love your hair! Doris I love your new name "Elizabeth"
Trina did Todd like the gift you brought home? What about Linda's husband?
Thank you Sharon (my darling cousin) for making all the sissor fobs, etc. And for the record it was red poppies not a Madador in my picture.
Thank you to Tammy for making the ort boxes.
Irma you were a great help, thanks for being my legs!

Marjorie you were there in spirit, all the stitcher's brought their goblets and the toast will be fondly be remembered by everyone!

~Happiest when stitching~


Lynn said...

Retreats like this heal the soul don't they? I always come home from ours feeling relaxed and at peace. I'm so glad that you had such an enjoyable time. It's terrible about Audrey's news but at least you were all with her to support her.

Sherry :o) said...

Retreats are the best! I love reading on several "sisters" blogs about this retreat...

Keep stitching!

Bonnie Brown said...

Thanks for visiting my blog
Looks like you guys had lots of fun too