Friday, July 30, 2010

pic 68 nova

Hi everyone, sorry I have not been posting on my blog, but I have been on holidays. They really cut into your time I have been keep busy taking a few day trips, spending time with my DH when he is not working and as you can see above stitching on a project for my dear friend who is turning 60 on August 2nd. He has already had one surprise. Last night I drove for 1 hour just to tape a special bumper sticker on his truck. It said Honk 2X I'm 60 and to my great happiness he drove all day with it on the truck before discovering it! How good is that. He has a few more surprises coming but I will tell you about those next week.
The 68 Nova was always his favourite car and I am hoping he will like it as much as I do. My dear friend Jayne ordered the frame and mat and put it all together for me. She is an angel! She is a graet friend. Can't wait for you all to give me your ideas on what is in the baggie????? It is a renactment but it will work! We were not near a drag strip so we had to make do with an imitation.

~Happiest when stitching~

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Yoday my DH and I travelled to Toronto to The Canon Theatre to see the group Rain, they recreate The Beatles. We had a wonderful time listening to some great music played by a group that if you had your eyes closed you would swear you were a young teenager in Liverpool. They were fantastic, people were dancing in the aisles and singing along because everyone knows all the words to all of Beatle's tunes. We had lunch in Toronto at a little sidewalk cafe and then travelled home along the backroads just for fun and had dinner on the way. The weather was good and we have arrived home safe and sound. A little tired but that is ok.
We are both in our pj's we will watch a little TV, I will stitch a little and then it will be time to hit the hay!
I am on holidays for three weeks so if I want to stay up late I guess I can.
Take care everyone!

~Happiest when stitching~

Thursday, July 8, 2010

An Oragnizing Day

 Today DH and I are getting ready for my Creative Memories Open House. So that means getting the living room all set up with my scrapbooking material for all to see. I have decided to retire from the buisness so it is time to clear out merchandise. Let the sale begin. Friday night hopefully my scrapbooking friends will help me out.
It is really hot here and we do not want to venture out. It is 35 degrees (95 degrees in U.S.A.) plus the humidity. I love my air conditioning. Right Trina????
Well I have to ren DH is paging me to the living room. Bye for now.

~Happiest when stitching~

Monday, July 5, 2010

Hot weather is really here!

 The summer weather is here. It is 35 degrees celcius and something like 43 degrees with the humidity. Lets just say I went to work came home into the house and that is were I am staying. Lucky for me my DH and I both like the air conditioning cold and this week boy is it nice. I am planning on doing some stitching and that is about it for tonight.
Oh yes check out Missy's summer give away of Gingher sissors at Eat Stitch Love . She has a great blog and it is a super give away.
Happy stitching everyone!
Jayne I am sure I saw a yellow shirt, was it you????

 ~Happiest when stitching~

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day everyone! Today is the day we Canadians celebrate living in the most beautiful country in the world. We wave our flags proudly! This year the Queen is visiting us, she is 82 years old this year and one wonders how much longer she will be able to travel so we enjoy each visit that she is able to make.
Today my DH and I are spending our time doing some gardening , having an early dinner and then he is off to work for the evening. That is when I will do some stitching. I am still working on my 1968 Nova for a special friend for his 60th birthday in August. Take care every one and enjoy the holiday and Happy July 4th to all my friends south of the border!

~Happiest when stitching~