Thursday, March 31, 2011

A great thursday!

Yesterday my Mom arrived for a few days. We are celebrating my birthday this week end. My birthday is tomorrow and I am working tomorrow and Saturday and then we are having my birthday dinner at my oldest daughter's house. I am really looking forward to it.
Today Mom and I spent the afternoon running some errands. We stopped in at my good friends Jayne she hemmed a pair of pants for my hubby, we had a good visit and then we made a few more stops and then came home.
I made a chicken and red pepper pizza, it was very very good!
Mom and I spent the evening watching American Idol and now I am headed to bed, I have an early day tomorrow.
Take care everyone and have a good week end!
~Happiest when stitching~

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A quick trip

On Wednesday I received a call from my Mom, my Aunt (who is very ill) was wanting to see me. Thursday was my day off and my boss said I could have Friday off. So I packed in a hurry and off I went. It is a two hour drive, I arrived in time to have lunch with my Mom and then off we went to the hospital. We spent the afternoon with my Aunt. It is so sad when our loved ones are in so much discomfort. She is of a good age and she has had a bad fall. Not so good. On Friday we went to see her again, this time we were joined by my favourite cousin S. Auntie was very happy to see her. I think we tired her out that day, we left about 4:30 and went back to my Mom's for dinner. There is a great little restaurant where they cook up the best fried perch (Purdy's) Wow where they delicious! It is was hard to leave and come home. I know she has the best of care, I wish I lived closer.
Tonight I plan on having a quiet night. My DH is working right now but he should be home in time to have dinner and maybe a glass of wine or two. He will probably watch the hockey game and I will stitch!
Have a great week end everyone.
~Happiest when stitching~

Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Monday????

Today was back to work after a very nice quiet week end. DH and I just relaxed and enjoyed our time together. Saturday I went to see my dear friend Jayne and had a nice visit while we enjoyed our time together, she seemed proccupied with rubbing her knee, which I might add is about double the size of her other one. What a surprise! Imagine that, see what happens when the doctor puts a whole new joint in there. But I must say for all she has been through she is doing very well. I know my hubby went through the same operation and it is not a walk in the park!!!!!
Sunday was a sleep in morning and then spent the rest of the day stitching and watching CNN and BBC, please God please help and care for the poor people in Japan. What a heartbreaking time for them. You just never know do you?
This morning when I was stopped at the traffic lights on my way to work, there was one car in front of me. I stopped with the prper distance between. All of a sudden this man gets out of the car (passanger side) he starts yelling and screaming at me to back up. He says she's driving a standard, she's going to roll back.......he is waving his hands at me and carrying on. Gees guy take a pill. If you had asked nicely I still would have moved.
What a way to break your good mood. Oh well I am just glad I don't have to live with the jerk! I went to work and forgot about him. And I had a pretty good day!
Tonight my DH is out so guess where I am going? Yup straight to my stitching and maybe an episode or two of Coronation Street.
~Happiest when stitching~

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Memories, when I was an infant my Mom took me on a long journey on the train. We went to visit my Mom's older sister who lived a small village, Oil Springs. That was the first trip of many through my life. When I was a teenager I made my first trip on my own. I flew into London, Ontario and my dear Aunt and Uncle  picked me up at the airport and we went to their cottage near Forest on Lake Huron. I stayed for two weeks. I would later find out that they were a little worried about entertaining me for two weeks, but that was never a problem. All three of us had a great time. That was the year I discovered Cosmo's Pizza. Everytime I go to Sarnia it is always on our agenda. Yummy. Through the years my Aunt and I have always remained very close. My dear Uncle passed away, it was a struggle but my Aunt dealed with life as best she could. In October my Aunt celebrated her 90th birthday, she is now in the hospital she has taken a very bad fall. I have spent as much time with her as I could. She is getting very tired. Things were said that had to be said and hugs have been given. Prayers and tears are on going.
Life is a wondeful and life is very sad. For me right now I am very sad but that being said I have been blessed because I have a very special family great Aunts and Uncles, very special cousins who are like brothers and sisters. I am an only child. Thank you all for all your love and goodness.
Thank you Aunt Thelma for all that you have given to me and to my family..........I will love you forever!

My Aunt Thelma and my Mom, at the cottage.

~Happiest when stitching~