Monday, June 25, 2012

Photos are coming from our annual retreat at Brentwood on the Beach!

This is the pathway past the new outdoor kitchen and towards the deck overlooking Lake Huron. The 4 from Forest and Jayne Chairs with a view! Who's little foot print was this? Someone sure was working hard on making this garden one of a kind! Janet, a glass of wine, her stitching project and a view of Lake Huron. Jayne and a wedding project for a friend. My grandson Benjamin and myself are crazy about everything there is about the Titanic, so this being the 100th year of the sinking of the ship I decided to stitch it. Who will get the finished project? Probably Ben, my walls are getting pretty full. Pennie has been working on this piece for quite a while it is going to be beautiful when completed. Here we all are at The Brentwood on the beach. This is a great bunch of ladies. The Stitching Sisters have been together for about 30 years. We have had ups and downs but we love each other like sisters and boy do we love to stitch. Each year we gather at the beach and it is always so much fun. The Stitching Sisters and The 4 From Forest, Jody, Bonnie, Anita, and Tracey. We have a common bond cross stitching and The Brentwood on the Beach! More photos later in the week, it is way past my bedtime. Ta ta for now. ~Happiest when stitching~