Sunday, October 18, 2009

I had a great day today, I spent the entire day with my hubby. We atarted off our day with a nice breakfast and read the paper, trust me that did not take very long. Our local newspaper, well they try but there just isn't much new.

Then we decided to clean up the house, which took longer than we planned but that was ok. My computer room really needed help and poor Steve he had the basement to contend with. Both rooms are back in shape. Tomorrow we have plans for the front hall closet and the living room.

Tonight we treated ourselves and went out to dinner. It was Italian night, it was so delicious! I started my meal with a martini, yummmmm.

When we got home of course Steve watched the hockey game, the leafs really are pathetic! I was happy I had time to stitch. With any luck I will have all my ornaments stitched and ready for Christmas. That will be awesome.

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Tina said...

You go girl...sounds like you had a busy but great day...and yes the LEAFS suck, to the point it's a waste of time and energy to watch them, it is so painful...