Sunday, September 26, 2010

Seven more sleeps

Hi everyone,
I am getting very excited, my DH and I leave in a weeks time for the coast of Maine. We have not been in many years and we are both so excited to make the trip. We will be travelling through New York State, Vermont, New Hampshire and then to Maine. We have no plans other than to drive and to explore the back roads and to enjoy the fall foliage. The mountains are always so beautiful this time of year. We may travel north from Maine through the White Mountains and on to southern Quebec where we are both originally from and maybe surprise some friends with a visit before we return home to southwestern Ontario. Pray for good weather, it would be nasty to have rain at the ocean.
I have been working on my 4 season wreath, it is slow going but what is done is quite pretty. Stay tuned for a photo. Maybe tomorrow.
Have a good week everyone!
Two special birthdays are coming up soon, one 50 one a little older!!!!! (Stitching Sisters)

~Happiest when stitching~


natalysneedle said...

The leaves are just starting to change colors around here and the colors are vibrant. Beautiful yellows oranges and many reds. I will you a wonderful vacation.

gracie said...

Ah the beauty of Autumn in New England.....I love the White Mountains. It has been quite a few years since my last visit....have a safe and wonderful experience

Unknown said...

Aww Hugzz I hope you guys have a great trip take a lot of pictures to show us k!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

I'm ready to go, just have to figure out how to fold my butt into the trunk. Have a great day Kerry
Be always in stitches.

Lynn said...

It should be just right for the fall colours when you hit the road. Things are really getting lovely around here. We should peak around next weekend in some parts.
Have a safe trip and enjoy yourself!

Kerry said...

Thanks everyone, my DH and I are so looking forward to this vacation. We love the New England coast and the ocean. How many more sleeps. One more thing DH know we must make a stop at ABC Stitching in Grantham, NH. I have already put some money away for that little side trip.

Carol said...

Hi Kerry! Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave such a nice comment. I'm always happy to discover new stitching blogs :)

I am so jealous of your upcoming trip to Maine! We honeymooned there 33 years ago and have never been lucky enough to return. I'm sure you'll have a grand time--especially with a trip to ABC Stitching to look forward to!

Sherry :o) said...

Love your title to this one - brings back memories from when my son was little and when I was little and you were counting down to something so fun you couldn't stand it.

Have a fun, safe trip!