Monday, July 5, 2010

Hot weather is really here!

 The summer weather is here. It is 35 degrees celcius and something like 43 degrees with the humidity. Lets just say I went to work came home into the house and that is were I am staying. Lucky for me my DH and I both like the air conditioning cold and this week boy is it nice. I am planning on doing some stitching and that is about it for tonight.
Oh yes check out Missy's summer give away of Gingher sissors at Eat Stitch Love . She has a great blog and it is a super give away.
Happy stitching everyone!
Jayne I am sure I saw a yellow shirt, was it you????

 ~Happiest when stitching~


Lynn said...

It's hot here too! We have air at home but much of the hospital does not. I'm sticky by the time I get out of here. Can't wait 'til it finally breaks.

Kerry said...

Hi Lynn,
I go from car to work to home, if anyone wants to go somewhere that it does not have air....sorry I can't make it. The hospitals must be terrible, my cousin is a RN in Ottawa and she is like you some spots have it but a lot do not. Apparently seniors do not like air. Well I am getting close to retirement and I say bring it on.

Sea Witch said...

Hello Kerry: Wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower. Welcome. Always enjoy hearing from others and especially those in another country...although we are more like neighbors. I have stitched lots of counted thread work but have gotten away from it these past few years. Too many other things to work on, but it is something I enjoy during the colder months. Sea Witch