Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year 2010

It has been a very sad start to 2010 my dearest friend T has lost her loving husband C after a long hard struggle. We are so proud of him, he made up his mind that he would spend Christmas with his family and that is what he did. Soon after he decided that the battle was winding down and he is now with the Lord, our saviour. He was a wonderful man and I will miss him forever.
T your stitching sisters are there for you, whatever you need that is what you will have. Life is a precious gift, we must make the most of every day we have. We must remember to hug our friends and family tell each other how much we love them and also be sure to thank them for all the kind things that they do for us.

Good bye C. I will love you forever!

Happy New Year everyone, thank you for all the kind things that you have done for me in 2009 and for all the good things that will come my way this coming year, 2010.

~Happiest when stitching~

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jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

He was a special person for sure.