Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Fun

Summer is such a fun time, especially for grandchildren. Here is a photo of my two oldest grandaughters taken at a beautiful spot on Lake Erie. They like their family love to be near the water. I love the phot and hope you like it too.
Today was my first day back to work. It was not as bad as I thought it would be. Am I losing it?
Tonight I will be sitting watching TV and doing a little bit of stitching and then early to bed time tonight.
It is still very hot here, no sitting on the deck tonight.
Maddison and Chloe

~Happiest when stitching~


Tracey said...

What an awesome picture... love it!

We are enjoying having the windows open here right now. Don't know for how long though because they are calling for rain through the night.

mdgtjulie said...

What a cute piccy!! It's so nice to be near the water!! It's not too bad here tonight. 78 degrees at four thirty AM. I would like to see a cooler day, but it's supposed to be ninety two here. Ick! Hope it's cooler where you are!! Sorry no deck stitching for you. Fall and spring are my fave times. I can stitch or read out on the balcony!

Sherry :o) said...

Love the pic - I think the water is where I would be there too, only maybe in it!

Glad you had a good vacation and that your return to work was smooth. I go back in September after six months of disability...hope it's smooth!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

are you sure??? looks like Sarah and Rachel to me... oh wait a minute, there I am in that time warp again.... It's just a step to the left,,,,