Saturday, March 19, 2011

A quick trip

On Wednesday I received a call from my Mom, my Aunt (who is very ill) was wanting to see me. Thursday was my day off and my boss said I could have Friday off. So I packed in a hurry and off I went. It is a two hour drive, I arrived in time to have lunch with my Mom and then off we went to the hospital. We spent the afternoon with my Aunt. It is so sad when our loved ones are in so much discomfort. She is of a good age and she has had a bad fall. Not so good. On Friday we went to see her again, this time we were joined by my favourite cousin S. Auntie was very happy to see her. I think we tired her out that day, we left about 4:30 and went back to my Mom's for dinner. There is a great little restaurant where they cook up the best fried perch (Purdy's) Wow where they delicious! It is was hard to leave and come home. I know she has the best of care, I wish I lived closer.
Tonight I plan on having a quiet night. My DH is working right now but he should be home in time to have dinner and maybe a glass of wine or two. He will probably watch the hockey game and I will stitch!
Have a great week end everyone.
~Happiest when stitching~


Tracey said...

Glad to hear you had a great visit! Have heard about Purdy's but haven't yet tried it out. Will have to put that on our to do list :^)

Unknown said...

Hi - thanks for visiting me and for leaving such a lovely comment. Unfortunately we didn't get to see any of Cornwall this time round. We just stayed in the cottage (apart from visits to the doctors surgery and the hospital). We go there quite regularly though and I'm sure we'll go again later in the year.
Sorry to read that your aunt is poorly - I'm sure she is getting the best love and care. Best wishes. Jill x

Sharon said...

I'm sure that your visit cheered your Aunt. Love is always the best medicine! Dinner sounds like it was great. I'm not a hockey fan but I AM a stitching fan! How nice that you and hubby can be together while you both enjoy something different. :)

Kerry said...

Thank you to everyone's kind wishes, so nice of all of you. The weatherman say we are getting snow tonite. I thought spring was here???