Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Monday????

Today was back to work after a very nice quiet week end. DH and I just relaxed and enjoyed our time together. Saturday I went to see my dear friend Jayne and had a nice visit while we enjoyed our time together, she seemed proccupied with rubbing her knee, which I might add is about double the size of her other one. What a surprise! Imagine that, see what happens when the doctor puts a whole new joint in there. But I must say for all she has been through she is doing very well. I know my hubby went through the same operation and it is not a walk in the park!!!!!
Sunday was a sleep in morning and then spent the rest of the day stitching and watching CNN and BBC, please God please help and care for the poor people in Japan. What a heartbreaking time for them. You just never know do you?
This morning when I was stopped at the traffic lights on my way to work, there was one car in front of me. I stopped with the prper distance between. All of a sudden this man gets out of the car (passanger side) he starts yelling and screaming at me to back up. He says she's driving a standard, she's going to roll back.......he is waving his hands at me and carrying on. Gees guy take a pill. If you had asked nicely I still would have moved.
What a way to break your good mood. Oh well I am just glad I don't have to live with the jerk! I went to work and forgot about him. And I had a pretty good day!
Tonight my DH is out so guess where I am going? Yup straight to my stitching and maybe an episode or two of Coronation Street.
~Happiest when stitching~


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

What is it with these people and their road rage. Take a chill pill is right.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

I totally enjoyed rubbing my knee with you Saturday and I am happy that you were able to spend some time stitching with me.

Kerry said...

I am very afraid people start yelling and screaming at 7:00 in the morning.
Hi Jayne I so enjoyed Saturday afternoon with you.

Alisa said...

Well holy cow...if she can't drive a standard transmission without rolling back then she shouldn't be driving one!!! Glad you were able to move past the crazy morning and have a great day! :)

Carolyn NC said...

It's an impatient world, and with its "all about me" syndrome. Ignore and move on is about the best you can do, isn't it? Glad you had a nice visit!

Ariadne said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog!
I had an exchange friend who is a cross stitcher and also has a setter like you maybe you know her from blogland.