Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring where are you???

This is May, usuually we have warm wonderful weather but some how this year is very different. Friday night we had a terrible rain storm with very high winds, trees were down and some Ontario residents were without power. Lucky for us we kept ours. I had the week end off but the weather was so terrible on Saturday I did not go too far.
Sunday was a great day. My Mom was here visiting and we went to my oldest daughter's  for the afternoon and dinner to celebrate Mother's Day and also my son-in-law's birthday. Happy 33rd  Birthday Steve, his birthday is actually on the 12th but we were all together on Sunday so we did the cake and the birthday presents. He quite liked his new lawn mower!
I haven't done a whole lot of stitching lately, I have had other things going on. I am going to try to get back on track this week. I have my threads all ready to go on an all seasons wreath. I think that will be my next project unless a HAED comes my way. We will see what happens..............
Wow it is already May 10th. Our retreat is not very far away, yes I am counting the days!!!!!
Have a good week every one!
~Happiest when stitching~

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jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

ok so here's the deal,,,that HAED that is coming your way has to surface first but I will find it for Wedstitchday night...
Glad you had a nice Mother's Day and that your mom was in for a visit.
Be always in stitches.