Thursday, May 20, 2010

Eight more sleeps!

The Stitching Sisters are counting the days..... we have eight more sleeps until our retreat. Four glorious days at the lake. There will be 24 of us this year, one lady from Ottawa she is making the longest trip this year. Next year who knows maybe we will hold a challenge for the stitcher who travel's the farthest.
I am looking forward to four days of stotching, sleeping, and hopefully a few glasses of wine. And the best of things will be NO SCHEDULES!!!!! I am really tired and I need some time to just relax. The Stitcitching Sisters are the best group of ladies and we always have such a good time together. This year one of our sisters has lost a dear family member, her sister-in-law. Barb was to be on the retreat with us but she became very sick and has recently passed away. We are so sorry for you P and for your family. We also have another dear Stitching Sister who has been very ill and has so been looking forward to the retreat, she will not be able to come with us as she has just had a very serious operation and is recouperating. We will miss you so much L.  Get better soon.
At our stitching meeting last night at Henley's Landing one of our sisters said "Where have you been? Your blog has not been updated forever?" Well I have had computer problems and I have been out of the loop for a bit. But I am back and ready to rumble.
I ahve been stitching on a 4 Season wreath it is very pretty but the chart is something else. Thanks Irma, for the heads up. No wonder it took you so long to complete it.
Tonight I am not making my regular Thursday meeting I have been asked by my grandaughter to attend a graduation for her DARE program at her school. My grandchildren always come first, so I am off to the school in about an hour.
Have a great long week end everyone. In Canada we celebrate Victoria Day week end, and great news I do not have to work this Saturday so that means I have 3 days off!!!!

~Happiest when stitching~


Syd said...

Is your retreat open to anyone that wishes to come?

Tracey said...

The four of us are getting excited about the retreat too!! Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Kerry said...

Hi Tracey,
Yes we are all pretty excited. Tammy will be there on Thursday the rest of us will be arriving on Friday. I am waiting for my cousin to arrive from Ottawa and we are driving up together. We are all looking forward to meeting all of you too!

Lynn said...

I am so envious. As you're headed to the lake, I'm headed back to work. Hope you have a fantastic time!

Unknown said...

Whooo Hooo 6 more sleeps now ...can't wait!!!!

Sherry :o) said...

Can't wait to hear about your retreat...take some pics as I'm sure that you will have lots of WIPs and finishes...

have a blast!