Thursday, November 21, 2013


50 YEARS AGO Yes I remember what I was doing 50 years ago. I was in class in elementary school grade 5 the PA came on and we heard our principal tell us that the President, of the United States of America had ben shot and killed. We were horrified and of course we really didn't understand what was happening. When we got home that afternoon it was left to our parents to try to make us understand what had happened and why. I still have a .50 cent coin of JFK that had been made into a necklace. I plan on wearing that all day November 22. Yes we all know that John F. Kennedy was a great president and yes we all know that as a man he had many faults. We are all human and yes we all have faults. It has been 50 years in my opinion it is a time to reflect on all his good points and not to judge his bad, there is a higher power that will have dealt with that. The Kennedy family has had many trials and much happiness and so much sadness. Let us just remember and say God bless! ~Happiest when stitching~

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