Sunday, October 21, 2012

Old wagon..........

Hi everyone,
As some of you know by now I am from The Eastern Townships a small town of about 19,000 Magog, Quebec. My husband and I lived there for about 30 years. It will always hold so many precious memories for us. It has some of the best scenery in the world, beautiful lakes and mountains. We have many great friends there and we love to go back for visits. We have two very special friends Brenda and Richard that always want us to stay with them and we always do. They are the best of people who live in a big log home near the lake. Lily is their black standard poodle, I swear she knows our car when we pull in the driveway and she is at the car door immediatley when our car rolls to a stop. My hubby and I always put a lot of miles on our car when we are there driving around looking at all the scenery and visiting old friends and of course all the relatives.
Here is one photo of an old wagon already for autumn. It was taken by a fellow Townshipper I hope she doesn't mind sharing with you all.

The next photo is of Jay Peak in the background and St. Benoit du Lac it is a benedictine abbey that was built in 1912, yes it is 100 years old this year. I took this photo, hope you like it.This time of year we always went there to pick apples. They also have a local delicacy called curd cheese. On our last visit we brought back 80.00 worth for family and friends. So yummy, we make it in to poutine. Do you all know what that is??? Also in the photo is Lake Memphremagog, the northern end of the lake is in Magog, Quebec and the southern tip is in Newport, Vermont. To my family this will always be our first home, but southern Ontario is our new home now.

Happy autumn everyone, I will be back with some stitching photos soon I promise......................
~Happiest when stitching~


Lynn said...

Beautiful photos Kerry!
Mmmmm, you can't beat Quebec curds! My son lives in Drummondville which is home of the first poutine. All this talk is making me hungry for some!

Kerry said...

Hi Lynn,
Glad you like the photos.
I took my oldest grandaughter Maddison to Magog and area this summer it was her first time there. She was on a poutine marathon tasting it wherever they served it. Her final decision was a restaurant in Magog called Johnny's #1 until then St Hubert's was right up there but Johnny's won out in the end.
Friends from Ottawa were telling us about the first poutine in Drummondville I will have to try it out sometime.
Have a good week.

SoCal Debbie said...

Gorgeous scenery! Thanks for sharing. I have absolutely no idea what poutine is but I suppose I could Google it. LOL.

Kerry said...

I will blog about poutine it is a Canadian delicacy which started out in the province of Quebec but is now branching out to other provinces and in some eastern states.